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Pole Manhole Camera

Pole Manhole Camera

RV-Pro 360: Pole Manhole Camera for Hard Inspection Projects

If you’ve ever had to deal with a blocked drain, you know how frustrating it can be. You also know how difficult it can be to find the cause of the blockage. That’s where a pole manhole camera comes in. 

This useful tool allows you to see inside the drain, so you can locate the blockage and get it cleared out quickly. A pole manhole camera is also great for preventative maintenance. By regularly inspecting drains, you can catch problems early and avoid major issues down the road. 

Nevertheless, the traditional method of sending operators for a direct visual inspection of a manhole comes to a price. And for towns and cities, who need to inspect manholes frequently, cost-effective solutions need to be found.

With the RV-Pro 360 pole manhole camera, you can perform a complete inspection of your manhole system, while requiring only one person to conduct the project. 

The RV-Pro 360 allows a single unspecialized operator to inspect up to 80 manholes per day, thanks to a 9-meter long pole. Moreover, the full sphere of 360° video data captured during the inspection can be offloaded to external analysts rather than being analyzed onsite by the camera operator, allowing maximum uptime in the field.

Manhole inspection camera - Rinnovision

In addition to lessening the impact on traffic and improving coding quality by keeping the operator’s attention on the task at hand, using the RV-Pro 360 manhole inspection system has the advantage of effectively lowering manhole inspection costs by increasing the number of inspected manholes per hour/day.

RinnoVision now provides remote coding of manhole inspection videos obtained using the RV-Pro 360 in accordance with the NASSCO/CERIU standards in less than 72 hours, enabling contractors to receive payment from their clients more quickly and giving them a greater capacity without having to hire, train, and maintain a specific internal resource for this job.

RV-Pro 360 Manhole Inspection System

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