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RV-360 Bridge Inspection Camera

Save time & money with our bridge inspection camera

Replacing existing bridges is an excessively complex and costly process, therefore cities and municipalities will always aim to stretch their useful lifetimes as much as possible without putting their population’s safety at risk.
bridge inspection camera
The method traditionally used to perform bridge inspections is to send operators in a bucket truck to perform a direct visual inspection. However, this method has the disadvantages of being costly, slow, requiring multiple skilled operators and not providing full video backup for secondary analysis and data archiving. The RV-Pro 360 inspection camera system, which was initially developed as a manhole and confined space inspection tool, also has the versatility to perform the inspection of bridge undersides. Using this solution, a single unspecialized operator can perform a full in-depth inspection within a few minutes.
The usage of the RV-Pro 360 allows the average inspection costs to be greatly diminished in comparison with the traditional bucket truck-based inspections as there is no need to purchase or rent an expensive truck, have specialized personnel operate it and mobilize a large crew to perform this task.
Bridge Inspection with sewer inspection camera

Moreover, the impact of traffic is greatly reduced as inspections are performed promptly and from the underside, not requiring the traffic on the bridge (which is generally higher than the one under it) to be stopped at all.

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