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The periodic inspection of manholes’ structural integrity is crucial to prevent costly and potentially hazardous damages. However, the traditional method of sending operators in for direct visual inspection can quickly become a big expenditure and also inefficiently allocates resources that are often scarce and required for other important tasks.In order to efficiently integrate a regular manhole inspection program, municipalities need a fast and effective solution that will allow them to perform a full survey of their manhole network while maintaining the impact on their manpower as low as possible.

It is precisely to tackle this problem that the RV-Pro 360 manhole inspection system has been developed, a powerful tool which allows a single unspecialized operator to inspect up to 80 manholes per day. Moreover, the full sphere of 360° video data captured during the inspection can be offloaded to external analysts rather than being analyzed onsite by the camera operator, allowing maximum uptime in the field.

Manhole inspection camera - Rinnovision
Using the RV-Pro 360 manhole inspection system instead of sending operators in for direct visual inspection also has the advantage of reducing the impact on traffic, improving the coding quality by keeping the operator’s attention focused on the task at hand and effectively lowering the cost of manhole inspections by increasing the amount of inspected manholes per hour/day.
Moreover, RinnoVision now offers the remote coding of manhole inspection videos gathered using the RV-Pro 360 according to the NASSCO/CERIU standards in under 72h, allowing contractors to be paid faster by their clients and also giving them a greater scalability without having to train and maintain a dedicated internal resource for this task.
RV-Pro 360 Manhole Inspection System


Replacing existing bridges is an excessively complex and costly process, therefore cities and municipalities will always aim to stretch their useful lifetimes as much as possible without putting their population’s safety at risk.
bridge inspection camera
The method traditionally used to perform bridge inspections is to send operators in a bucket truck to perform a direct visual inspection. However, this method has the disadvantages of being costly, slow, requiring multiple skilled operators and not providing full video backup for secondary analysis and data archiving. The RV-Pro 360 inspection camera system, which was initially developed as a manhole and confined space inspection tool, also has the versatility to perform the inspection of bridge undersides. Using this solution, a single unspecialized operator can perform a full in-depth inspection within a few minutes.
The usage of the RV-Pro 360 allows the average inspection costs to be greatly diminished in comparison with the traditional bucket truck-based inspections as there is no need to purchase or rent an expensive truck, have specialized personnel operate it and mobilize a large crew to perform this task.
Bridge Inspection with sewer inspection camera

Moreover, the impact of traffic is greatly reduced as inspections are performed promptly and from the underside, not requiring the traffic on the bridge (which is generally higher than the one under it) to be stopped at all.